Sabtu, 23 Mei 2009

Time to Switch My Credit Card

Oh no, it is unpredictable that I face to many problem with my credit card. I feel it was better if I do not tell you about the problem. You know, I am a simple young man and I like a simple and easy thing too, I want to go away from this problem but, I still need a credit card!

God bless me, from my surfing, I got a place where I can find new credit cards. There, the site where I found, I can compare credit cards. There are number of credit cards that I can choose to replace my problematic old credit card. You know, here, on the site I can easily choose the best for me, they serve a good comparison among top credit cards!

At the end, I switched my credit card. One thing that I can deny the offer is the balance transfers no fee. It is cool, is not it?

2 komentar:

  1. blm punya credit card.. hikz..


    haha.. kalo harganya hotelicopter.. ga tau deeh.. kyknya mahaaal banget.. cm 10 org kaya di dunia kali yaah yg bisa naek?


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