Rabu, 06 Mei 2009

Direct TV Award!

Ok folks, I write in English.
Actually, we are (my family) going to “war” every evening at home. Can you imagine, I want to watch sport and movie TV program but, my parents and sister have their regular TV program like Mr. Bean and another crazy TV show.

I hate the situation when box office movie like Terminator 3 is coming, and I have to miss it. At home, we have two televisions but only one has very wide screen. At the end, I should hang out the white flag. I do not know when The Terminators 3 will be shown again because we do not use direct satellite TV, but cable one.

By the way, do you know Direct Satellite TV? It was amazing. But, I do not know this business till I found DIRECTV Awards in Bob. There is a DIRECTV BoB Awards listed there.

Well, please nominate this post for the BoB Awards.

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